Blackwater-product-pageBlack Land and Pond Dye

Blackwater is a formulation of water soluble dyes and inert ingredients designed for use in lakes, ponds, decorative water features and other impounded bodies of water with limited outflow. Use Blackwater to aesthetically improve the appearance of murky, cloudy or off colored water with a pleasing, natural black tint.

When applied at the recommended rates, Blackwater will not stain birds or fish, and is harmless to humans as well as wildlife. Blackwater will not disrupt fishing, swimming or irrigation once product has dispersed.



Apply 1 gallon per 1 surface acre of water 4 feet deep (3.78 L per 5,000 cubic meters). If a deeper color is desired, use additional Blackwater. Add to lakes or ponds from several different locations to insure even dispersion.

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