28 Aug 2013
August 28, 2013

Aqua-Aid Fall Update

#10 at Riviera CC.  Is there a tougher Par 4 on the PGA Tour?

#10 at Riviera CC. Is there a tougher Par 4 on the PGA Tour?

Fall is around the corner. Are you ready?

Fall is an essential time of year for every turf manager’s agronomic program.  It is important whether you are growing warm season or cool season grasses to insure you have proper nutrition levels and adequate soil moisture as your plants are preparing for winter time.  Overseeding or Fall aerification becomes the hot topic around the maintenance building instead of syringing and “Is it going to make it?”

#18 at Oak Hill.  PGA Championship was an exciting finish to the Majors.

#18 at Oak Hill. PGA Championship was an exciting finish to the Majors.

Aqua Aid has several products to help you with your fall agronomic programs.  Fairway ISP, AQM, and OARS HS are specifically formulated to help you with your winter programs whether you are managing warm season or cool season grass.


Fairway ISP provides great benefits of uniform soil moisture and increase germination at overseeding time.  Optimum results are achieved when injected from the first night after overseeding on thru the first mow. l This product will help deliver a more uniform product for your players.


In order to achieve superior turf quality, AQM needs to be applied when seed has just germinated.  On Greens apply 2 oz per 1000 lightly watered in and follow up with 1 oz per 1000 every week for 6 weeks.  The same rates can be used for  areas such as  Driving Range Tees or Fairways.

fall-6OARS HS

OARS HS is the “closer”.  It needs to be applied to overseeded greens once growth has reached a normal daily mowing pattern.  Apply OARS HS monthly at a rate of 5oz. per 1000 for duration of winter.  This will allow for uniform hydration of soil profile for healthy overseed along with a drier top for better playability.  For painted greens OARS HS needs to be applied prior to painting at 5oz per 1000 and repeated monthly at 5 oz per 1000.  The Superintendent will achieve uniform soil moisture to prevent desiccation and allow green to be receptive but keep playing surface firm for playability and uniform speed with less maintenance inputs during the winter months.

About the Author

Sam is the Director of Business Development for Aqua Aid Inc. Sam has 22 years experience in the golf course maintenance industry. He has been a Superintendent for 16 years and has been fortunate in his career to grow cool season and warm season turf. He has vast knowledge of the Aqua Aid product line from extensive usage in his agronomic programs for the past 19 years.